The apparel market from sportswear to fashion,as an everyday demand of garments which fulfill specific functions.
While the market is saturated with more choices for every type of garments and textile products than ever before, consumers desire “smart” products that offer better value as well as comfort. To gain market share, clothing makers and fashion brands have to continuously come up with new garments that provide better easy-care properties, greater performance options and better comfort. This is where GULBENA as a special place in today's market.
A wide range of textile materials and products, with specific properties are now available, such as enhanced moisture management, windproof, waterproof, UV protection, as well as the new cosmeto-textiles for skin care benefits. These products are obtained by using specialised fibres, yarns, fabric structures and fabric finishes such as microencapsulation and nanotechnology.
GULBENA fabrics are just the conjunction of specialised fibres, fabric structures and the latest fabric mechanical and chemical finishes.