Safety workwear: Protection and Comfort
When working in dangerous environments where the possibility of injury from heat, flames, chemicals and electrical arcs is a daily reality, safety workwear made of IGNIS® FABRICS is your best defense.
IGNIS® FABRICS is a GULBENA special trademark offering protection from heat and flame in a variety of different applications. It offers protection from all kinds of heat and its functional properties help to prevent heat stress and heat stroke.
IGNIS® FABRICS offers protection from all kinds of heat: fire, radiant heat, electric arcs, molten metals and flash fires. The most important goal of protective clothing is to prevent the skin from burning. After all, the skin is the body’s largest and most sensitive organ.
Functionality depends on the properties of different fibers. The blends used in IGNIS® are natural, flame resistant fiber with excellent moisture absorption and breathability properties.

All IGNIS® FABRICS in the range are permanently non-flammable: all safety workwear associated with IGNIS® FABRICS are therefore considered to be non-flammable throughout the service life of the clothing.
Protective clothing made with IGNIS ® satisfies all the requirements of the wearer in terms of safety and durability, as well as comfort.
Many assets thanks to its advanced technology:
It is permanently non-flammable by nature. Industrial protective clothing made from IGNIS  FABRICS thus offers maximum protection at very high temperatures (up to 1,000°C), contrary to protective clothing only treated with a fire-retardant that deteriorates over time.
Thermal insulation
IGNIS® FABRICS are an excellent thermal insulator, providing efficient protection from heat, even in lightweight protective clothing.
IGNIS® fabrics are flame stable and protective clothing integrity is maintained for a relatively long time, thus allowing for sufficient egress time.
Extreme comfort
The fibre's low modulus results in IGNIS® FABRICS having unequalled drape, softness and comfort.
Impressive appearance
IGNIS® FABRICS does not pill: industrial protective clothing stay looking perfect over time.
Good mechanical resistance
Its high resistance to abrasion allows for the creation of extremely durable industrial protective clothing, that do not deteriorate during industrial wash cycles.