SPIRO® is a synonymous of the creative and productive philosophy of GULBENA.
Our goal is to achieve the highest level of wearing comfort, with a natural feel, superior moisture management properties, and physical benefits. So, SPIRO® guarantees well-being and comfort from workwear to sportswear in any climatic condition.
This remarkable achievement by GULBENA is the result of a research accomplished through tests, developed “in loco” by experts and also by intensive laboratory tests, done by our partners and by ourselves, using the top quality high performance fibres to create fabrics for consumers who demand exceptional performance for their products.
This brand combines functionality, comfort, and contemporary design using only functional fibers such us COOLMAX, COOLMAX FRESH FX, TERMOCOOL, TERMOCOOL FRESH, TENCEL and Blends that gives to SPIRO® fabrics, functionality and well-being guarantee.