PRYMAL BRAND accomplishes a huge variety of fabrics made from high-quality materials for the global apparel market. In active collaboration with clients and suppliers, new fabrics are developed to fulfil the demand to offer better value as well as comfort for the consumers’ desires. These fabrics are obtained using specialised fibres, yarns and fabric structures
such as:
CoolMax® has been specially engineered to keep you dry and comfortable. When the body perspires, CoolMax® moves moisture quickly away from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric. It then dries that moisture faster than any other fabric on the market today.
OUTLAST® works as a thermal shock absorber by slowing the rate of temperature change within a wearer's personal microclimate. Outlast® reduces the rate at which a person will overheat or get cold. Outlast® will provide enhanced comfort. 
Supima® name is a licensed trademark owned by Supima Association of America. It is used to promote the highest quality. The staple length, fineness, and strength, fineness of hand, luster and durability of the end-use product. Supima branded fabrics have all the desirable characteristics of cotton… comfort, absorbency, easy-care, freedom.

Meryl® Thanks to the fineness of each filament, this well known Nylstar speciality makes possible the construction of very fine close woven and knitted fabrics, characterised by soft handle, breathability and resistance to wind and rain.
Supplex® fibre is a registered trademark of INVISTA and is used under license to Nilit®, for nylon fibre products. Supplex® is all about the touch, and the touch is soft. Cottony soft. With the advantages of high-tech fibres and the natural beauty of cotton.
Polypropylene transfers moisture efficiently away from the skin to the next layer of clothing thus creating ideal body temperature providing comfort during the exercise.