CRHOMA means top performance fabrics. Quality is very important in modern textile. In today competitive business market, the ability to obtain and deliver rich, relevant and innovative fabrics can offer and bring, even in basic products, differentiation, in the increasingly global market.
High quality garments have to look fresh, attractive and most important, are expected to look the same even after the most aggressive and varied conditions in repeated industrial and domestic laundering.
CRHOMA BRAND guarantees maximum colour resistance even during washing and eliminates the risk of 'bleeding' from one colour to another, even when garments are damp or wet.

The quality of CRHOMA fabrics is unique. These fabrics have very high wet fastness and excellent fastness to repeated washing cycles and washing at the boil. They also have good perspiration and perspiration light fastness and very high light fastness even in pale shades. Moreover, these fabrics are ecological, they are free from heavy metals and meet the specifications set by all major ecological standards such as OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100