Fashion textiles have to feel full and need an elegant smooth touch.
Creativity, fantasy and research in the PLEXUS brand give the possibility to have comfortable fabrics due to its excellent properties: outstanding beauty, soft and fresh touch, natural drape, durability, rich feel and comfort.
PLEXUS brand is destined for a wide variety of uses from underwear, sportswear, casual wear and active sports, as well as the most exuberant, and luxuriant garments.
These fabrics are perfect for the most creative and demanding designers due to the extremely soft and smooth surface.

PLEXUS FABRICS are available in many versions using the following fibres:
TENCEL® is fine as silk, as strong as polyester, as easy to care as acrylic, cool and pleasant like line, as warm as wool and absorbs more moisture than cotton.

PLEXUS fabrics with TENCEL® are extremely soft and smooth handle leaving finish garments with long-lasting feeling of freshness and sustained hand.
Due to its extremely low and dense pile, has an optimum efficiency to wash for laundering cycles.
Thanks to the combination of the exceptional characteristics of the Modal yarn, silky appearance and hand, low pilling, great neatness, high body moistness absorbance, PLEXUS fabrics with Modal are ideal for all "skin on skin" applications and for high quality sports and leisure wear.
Viscose has been produced for almost 50 years. It Is considered the first generation cellulose fibre. Nowadays Viscose continues to be one of the softest and smoothest most soft and smooth of the market. Ideal to designers to make attractive garments due to its comfort and contemporary look.